Hydro MicroScreen™ helps California chimichanga factory save money on effluent surcharges

A California chimichanga plant used Hydro MicroScreen™ to improve profitability by cutting effluent surcharges and reusing byproduct materias. 


A southern California chimichanga manufacturing facility was facing ever-growing sewer surcharge fees. The plant was using a multi-stage grease trap to float greases and oils and settle particulate solids, and expected production growth was already straining this treatment process.


A demonstration Hydro MicroScreen™ system was installed for a pilot trial at the plant using typical process water. The effluent was sent to a laboratory for independent performance verification. 


The lab confirmed that the Hydro MicroScreen™ performed at or above the required performance levels to accommodate the expected growth in chimichanga production, and the plant subsequently procured a 52" system that could handle clean in place (CIP) conditions.

The system paid for itself within seven months in surcharge reduction alone, and additionally captured by-product that could be reused to further improve profitability.