Hydro-Logic Level Logger provides Singapore with citywide flood warning

Singapore's Public Utilities Board used a Smart Monitoring solution to upgrade its flood warning network. 


Singapore's sewer network faces a unique combination of climatic and population challenges. Sewer flooding had worsened due to the increasing incidence of intense short-period monsoon storms caused by climate change and, as a low-lying island, the flooding was affecting many different parts of the city.


A network of over 650 GPRS 2G loggers had been installed to provide flood warning, but the network needed to be upgraded with 3G modems as the local 2G network was being converted to 3G.


Singaore's Public Utilities Board (PUB) instructed ECO Field Services to source a replacement monitoring system, and ECO approached Hydro International. The Hydro-Logic® Smart Monitoring team recommended the ATEX-certified Hydro-Logic® Level Logger 300Ex, which is designed to operate in harsh and confined environments such as combined sewers and CSOs.


The system was delivered, installed and operational on schedule in March 2017, and the network has been delivering automated flood warning alarms successfully since installation.

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