Hydro-Brake® Drop key to undersea sewage line

Hydro-Brake® Drop helped Welsh Water convey sewage through a difficult 46 ft drop to a main sewage line some 26 ft below water level.


As part of the £200 million ($280 million) development of the Swansea, Wales docks known as SA1 Swansea Waterfront, a two-year sewage infrastructure redevelopment was carried out by Welsh Water.


Raw sewage needed to be conveyed down a 46 ft drop in a constrained space within the former Prince of Wales Dock as part of an innovative and cost-saving solution, which enabled construction within a tight 14-week project window.


Welsh Water selected Hydro-Brake® Drop, and Hydro International supported the installation of the system into an existing 13 ft bore access shaft within the dock.


The Hydro-Brake® Drop now takes the sewage 46 ft from street level down to the existing main sewage line, some 26 ft below water level in the dock.

"This solution was much more economical in terms of time, space and cost than trying to incorporate a new cascade or other alternative in the dock."

- Len Burgess, Project Engineer, Hyder Consulting