£4.28 million Flood Defences Go Underground, Overground in London Parks

Stormbloc® and Stormcell® modular geocellular stormwater storage systems retain Grade II listed park landscaping whilst preventing flooding in Southwark, South London, UK


Herne Hill and Dulwich in Southwark, South London UK are situated in a low-lying catchment of the culverted Effra River and are prone to flooding.


Community groups had objected to proposed flood relief measures that involved the use of overground pond storage, they wished to retain the Grade II listed park's appearance.


A combination of above ground, and below ground structures using Stormbloc® and Stormcell® modular geocellular systems was used.


The innovative scheme won the 2015 Environment Agency (EA) award for Partnership Project Excellence for its integrated partnership working and community engagement.

"The public concern over retaining the parks appearance was very strong.  Even though they realised the flooding problem, they did not want to lose significant areas of the parks to large ponds and swales."

- James Armitage, Project Engineer, Mouchel 


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