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Eutek HeadCell

Stacked tray grit separation captures fine particles.

A unique stacked tray design provides the surface area required for outstanding performance with a small footprint. The Eutek HeadCell® is the ultimate grit removal solution for new plants as well as a cost effective retrofit option for grit removal upgrades.

The Eutek HeadCell® is an evolution in grit removal, representing the next generation in grit separation. The Eutek HeadCell® is the result of decades of research to identify and eliminate the inefficiencies of conventional forced vortex grit removal systems. The Eutek HeadCell® is a modular, multiple-tray settleable solids concentrator that removes grit as small as 75 microns with minimal headloss.

The Eutek HeadCell® provides high performance fine grit removal in a small footprint. This allows capacity increases using existing space. Conventional grit removal systems cannot match the performance of the Eutek HeadCell®. For new headworks grit control systems, the Eutek HeadCell® can be installed in a poured-in-place concrete basin above or at grade, with a footprint much smaller than conventional grit removal systems.


  • New wastewater treatment plants
  • Treatment plant retrofits
  • Grit removal for potable water

Eutek HeadCell Advanced Water and Wastewater Grit Separation


  • Protects equipment and processes from abrasive wear and sedimentation
  • Effective use of valuable space
  • Long component life with minimal wear
  • Eliminates short circuiting, increases capture
  • Minimal grease build-up
  • Meets stringent environmental requirements with less odors
  • Large surface area with short settling distances
  • Compact, yet expandable design
  • All-hydraulic design with no moving parts
  • Structured flow configuration
  • Continuous boundary layer flow over hydrophobic surfaces
  • Clean, dry grit when washed by a Eutek SlurryCup™ or Eutek TeaCup® and dewatered by a Eutek Grit Snail®

The Eutek HeadCell® captures fine particles due to the large surface area and short settling distances. Evenly split flow eliminates thermal short circuiting which reduces the performance of conventional grit basins. The Eutek HeadCell® is essentially the ideal grit basin. The Eutek HeadCell® is a hydraulically driven forced vortex system which requires no moving parts to operate.

The high efficiency flow distribution header evenly distributes influent over multiple conical trays. Tangential feed establishes a vortex flow pattern where solids settle into a boundary layer on each tray, and are swept down to the center underflow collection chamber. These settled solids are continuously pumped to a Eutek SlurryCup™ (or Eutek TeaCup®) and Eutek Grit Snail® resulting in the market leading performance grit separation, classification, and dewatering system.

Eutek HeadCell Advanced Water and Wastewater Grit Separation

Eutek HeadCell® Process Overview

Q. What is the Eutek HeadCell®?

The Eutek HeadCell® is a uniquely designed grit separation device which concentrates grit and organic materials from the bulk of the influent flows entering a wastewater treatment plant.

Q. What are the advantages of the Eutek HeadCell® system?

The innovative design of the Eutek HeadCell® grit separation system uses stacked trays to create a large amount of surface area with a very small footprint. Gravity based separation relies on contact with surface area in order to effectively separate fine grit particles from organics and water. The Eutek HeadCell® provides more surface area / footprint than any other grit separation process on the market.

Q. How does the Eutek HeadCell® provide equal surface area contact with all of its trays?

The structured influent duct directs the influent so that flow is evenly distributed over the trays. This combined with short settling distances results in a very short time before the influent contacts the trays. Tangential entry increases the time that materials come into contact with the trays further enhancing performance.

Q. Can the Eutek HeadCell® be used in retrofit projects?

The small footprint stacked tray design of the Eutek HeadCell® makes it the ideal system for retrofitting to increase grit removal performance. In many applications, existing structures, channels and basins can be used to significantly reduce overall project costs by reducing concrete and construction costs. The diameter of the trays, and / or the number of trays, can be designed in order to fit into existing basins without compromising performance.

Q. Is screening required before the Eutek HeadCell® system?

Yes, three quarter inch or finer screening is required before the Eutek HeadCell® system.

Q. Is additional equipment required for total plant protection from grit?

Yes. The Eutek HeadCell® is the ideal grit separation system, but separation is only one part of the grit removal process. Once the grit and organics have been separated from the plant influent, grit will need to be washed in a high performance grit washing unit such as the Eutek SlurryCup™ or Eutek TeaCup®. Once the organics have been removed, the grit will still need to be dewatered before it is ready for landfill. This is accomplished with a Eutek Grit Snail® quiescent dewatering escalator or a Decanter batch dewatering system.

Q. What are the headloss requirements for the Eutek HeadCell®?

The Eutek HeadCell® is a low velocity forced vortex system. This results in a very low headloss (less than 12”) to operate the Eutek HeadCell®.

Q. My plant has a very high turndown ratio, what are the turndown limitations in the Eutek HeadCell®?

Eutek HeadCell® systems can be designed to meet virtually any turndown ratio.

Q. Can the Eutek HeadCell® be used in applications other than municipal wastewater?

The Eutek HeadCell® is also suitable for use in clean water intake applications, as well as industrial and agricultural projects within certain operating parameters. Contact Hydro International to determine if the Eutek HeadCell® is suitable for use in your particular application.

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The City of Council Bluffs, Iowa needed to reduce the amount of fine sand that was entering their plant. A Eutek HeadCell system allowed them to retrofit their existing outdated aerated grit basin and significantly reduce their grit induced maintenance costs. 


The HeadCell provides industry leading performance grit separation for WWTPs or drinking water applications.


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