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What is HX?

HX is the essence of Hydro. It’s interwoven into every strand of Hydro’s story, from our products to our people, our engineering pedigree to our approach to business and problem-solving.

HX is a stamp of quality and a mark of our commitment to optimum process performance. A Hydro solution is tried, tested and proven.

There is no equivalent to Hydro HX.



Hydro runs a multidisciplinary R&D programme designed to expand the company's reach in the stormwater, wastewater, industrial and combined sewer overflow sectors of the water industry. The four-part programme consists of computer modelling with computational fluid dynamics (CFD), laboratory analysis, field verification and collaboration with industry experts and academic institutions; both in the UK and US.

Hydro conducts laboratory research out of its facilities in Clevedon, England and Portland, Maine, USA.

The Portland facility is the Hydro Group's centre for Water Quality analysis. This world class facility has the capacity to evaluate full-scale equipment at treatment flows in excess of 170 l/s  (6 cfs).

The Clevedon facility is the centre for the Group's Water Quantity research. This facility is equipped with the most sophisticated flow measuring equipment that delivers accurate readings under the most turbulent of conditions.

Current and past collaborations have included Bristol, Cardiff , Exeter, and Liverpool John Moores Universities in the UK, and The Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Alabama and The Stormwater Center at the University of New Hampshire in the US.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) plays an important role in Hydro's customer service and R&D programme, and as such the company has invested in and is championing the application of CFD in the water industry with a dedicated server cluster, training and collaborating with centers of CFD expertise and excellence such as Exeter University Centre for Water Systems. In addition to furthering Hydro's level of customer service and aiding the R&D programme, Hydro also uses its CFD expertise to advise leading regulatory agencies, industry experts and other institutions in all water sectors.

CFD has proven to be an effective rapid prototyping tool in the product development process leading to a significant reduction in the number of physical prototypes the company has had to build as part of the traditional product development cycle; resulting in major savings in time and costs.

Hydro’s researchers now routinely use CFD to evaluate and compare the performance of potential new product configurations. CFD is also used on special client projects, particularly those that involve complicated flow schemes with the potential for flow instabilities. Many of the technical papers authored by Hydro personnel include case examples of the use of CFD to predict and validate the performance of the company’s innovative technologies.

Hydro has become an internationally recognized expert in the application of CFD in the water industry with personnel participating in professional society technical committees, serving as peer reviewers for leading journals in the area of urban water management.

Chesapeake Bay Reg-U-Flo® Vortex Valve case study.

A high density urban site needed onsite treatment and underground stormwater storage. Reg-U-Flo Vortex Valve eliminated 100% of the excess storage volume and reduced the cost of the storage system by over $150,000.

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Columbus Water Works Storm King® with Swirl-Cleanse™ case study.

During heavy rain events the rapid influx of stormwater caused the City’s combined sewer overflows (CSOs) to overload — causing untreated water to flow directly into the Chattahoochee River.

Two CSO treatment facilities with 12 Storm King Overflow vortex separators coupled with filtration and disinfection have helped provide a cost effective, sustainable solution for the city of Columbus and saved an estimated $20-30 million in capital costs alone.

The project won Columbus Water Works the 2001 EPA Award for CSO Program Excellence.

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Storm King® helps CSO Mitigation in Saco, ME case study.

Untreated sewage overflowed into the Saco River during intense storm events so a
22-ft diameter Storm King was installed which was smaller, more economical and more efficient than conventional clarifier tanks.

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Hydro SludgeScreen™ protects treatment works from rag in Margate and Broadstairs case study.

Southern Water’s new £80 million wastewater treatment works for the Margate and Broadstairs catchment area needed to be constructed to meet the stringent European Urban Waste Water Directive.

The installation of four SludgeScreen™ screening units was essential to protect the treatment process from excessive incoming rag.

As well as bringing extensive environmental benefits to the area, it will help local beaches meet the European Bathing Water Directive and boost tourist trade.

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Replacing Fox Lake’s dated aerated grit removal system with Eutek HeadCell® case study.

Fox Lake’s existing aerated grit removal system was at the end of its useful life and needed to be replaced. The Eutek HeadCell® was able to be retrofitted into the existing area while improving performance and also eliminate grit deposition in the grit basin which was very difficult to remove. The new Eutek HeadCell system was found to be 88% efficient overall.

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A commitment to achieving the highest quality standards runs through everything we do, from our products, to our processes and our people. 

Our aim is always to achieve customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our product design, development and manufacturing processes, backed by the HX commitment to engineering excellence.  By working to well-established procedures as well as regular inspections and auditing, quality is ingrained into our everyday working practices.    From how we deal with an initial enquiry right through to on-site commissioning, the same adherence to quality procedures applies.

Our approach to quality is endorsed by the IS0 9001 quality accreditation awarded to our businesses globally.

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At Hydro we are passionate about ensuring that all our activities make the most positive impact possible on the environment.

Many of our products are purpose-designed to protect the environment from the effects that surface water or wastewater can have through pollution or flooding.    In addition, many Hydro technologies – including our industry-leading vortex-based solutions – operate with no power at all.  Where our equipment needs power to operate, our commitment is to optimising energy efficiency.

Supported by continual improvement procedures we aim to ensure our operational activities , R&D and on-site activities have minimal environmental impact.  Our products are made from recyclable materials wherever possible. And packaging is kept to a minimum.  We are developing procedures to offset the carbon footprint of necessary business travel.

Our customers can be asssured that we are implementing all relevant environmental legislation that affects our business, including waste disposal regulations.

Hydro has aligned all its environmental practices and procedures to the requirements of the ISO14001 accreditation and we are implementing a group-wide environmental management system.

Download the Hydro Environmental Policy Statement