Hydro-Logic Services

Get specialist consulting support in the fields of hydrometry, flood risk management and water resources management.

Hydro-Logic® Services is Hydro International’s specialist hydrological and water resources consultancy. We collect hydrological data and use it to help inform and advise clients across a wide range of applications.

We measure rivers, we provide flood warnings, we simulate floods, we model droughts, we advise on risks with the water environment. We provide a comprehensive data, analysis and advisory service.

Our areas of expertise

Monitoring and measurement

We design and operate flow, level and water quality monitoring networks for rivers, reservoirs and groundwater, provide flood warning services, provide specialist training in hydrometric monitoring. Develop and supply data management and software, and conduct MCERTS inspection, training and audit to help clients to make better water management decisions.

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Water resources

We provide water resources planning, management and modelling services—using the Hydro-Logic® Aquator system—to help companies make effective business decisions, both now and for the future.

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